Sincere Technology

Tech: AI

Global Grand Challenge: Health

The team that research the possibility of using high-end technology to improve people's lives. Currently developing a system that uses smart wearable devices for collecting large data about human organism. The device has the form of a wristwatch, where a built-in sensor measures the ECG just using your smartphone. This sensor already measures 1-lead ECG which is no worse than data collected from the medical device. The system is able to detect various diseases at a symptomless stage.  

Fractal Tools

Tech: IoT

Global Grand Challenge: Education

People even without coding skills can research problems and develop IoT solutions locally. The only skill they need is to drag'n'drop squares and connect them by lines. All other takes over by Fractal.




Tech: 3D Printing

Global Grand Challenge: Shelter, Energy, Environment, Disaster Resilience

PassivDom — off-grid 3D-printed gadget house. PassivDom is a sustainable self-learning, Zero Carbon Emission house powered solely by solar energy. The frame is produced using an industrial 3D-printer robot.



Tech: 3D printing

Global Grand Challenge: Shelter, Energy, Environment, Disaster Resilience

Green insulation technology involving hemp and lime, successfully implemented all around the world, is now available for residents of Ukraine. Our Kiev-based company, Hempire, helps to fulfill dreams of many Ukrainians to live in “eco” dwellings. Our professionals, having worked on numerous projects across Europe, are able to provide a full scope of services. These include: consultations on our 100% natural hemp insulation material – “Hempire Mix”, insulation services, quality control, organization of workshops and others.


Tech: VR/AR Global Grand Challenge: Education, Environment

Our mission is to combine artistic, technical and business talents to develop innovation in VR, AR, mixed reality and interactive technologies. Our community brings outstanding projects and services to life. Talented engineers, developers, designers, and artists research and create here. We provide them with education, laboratory resources, mentorship and investments.


Tech: Nanotech

Global Grand Challenge: Energy, Environment

SolarGaps - World's First Solar Smart Blinds Order. Engineered innovative solar blind technology to generate green energy for your home & reduce your energy bill up to 70%. SolarGaps are smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy.                                                                                                                      "We believe that green energy should be available for everybody." Yevgen Erik, Founder of SolarGaps Artboard 1

Tech: Aerospace industry

Global Grand Challenge: Agriculture, Food

We are working hard to enable the next generation of small drones developing hardware and software for drones of various application. Drones for precision agriculture and crop protection, delivery drones, first response drones, autonomous navigation software.
      payphone_preview   Payphone   Tech: Information Technology Global Grand Challenge: Prosperity Payphone - Reconnecting people by increasing effieciency of communication. We believe that contrary to popular belief, Information Technology has been making communication LESS efficient due to a vicious circle of SPAM (costing business at least $20 billion per year), INFORMATION OVERLOAD and BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION. Until now...